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The Halton Men’s Non-Contact Recreational Hockey League &
The Oakville and Halton Adult Summer Hockey League

These two leagues offer year-round recreational hockey for adults in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Halton and surrounding regions. Organizers have decades of experience in providing quality leagues that are based on recreation first, competition second.

The Fall/Winter League plays games at Appleby College Arena and has divisions for;
OLDTIMERS 27+ average age 45 Games primarily Mon nights, a few Sunday nights
MASTERS 40+ average age 48 Games primarily Wed nights, a few Sunday nights
CLASSICS  47+ average age 55 Games primarily Sun mornings
The Spring/Summer League plays games at River Oaks Arena, and is open to;
Players aged 27+ average age 45 Games played primarily Wednesdays,some Mondays
Main tenets of our league are:

  1. Providing fun, organized recreational hockey with a high degree of balanced competition.
  2. Individual entries only, NO TEAM entries. (Small groups of players wishing to play together can be accommodated).
  3. Hands-on balancing.
  4. Everyone is welcome. No one has to “try out”, “make a team” or “know somebody”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are several commonly asked questions. If not answered below, please email us at hmhl99@gmail.com, or call us at (905) 849-9712.
Q: How will I know if my application has been accepted?
A: If your cheque is cashed or your online payment confirmed, you’re in. Players can expect a call from their team rep before October 10th for winter play, or by April 20 for summer play. If you haven’t received a call by then, please contact us.
Q: When does the season start?
A: The winter season begins in mid- October, the summer season in early May.
Q: What calibre is the league?
A: It naturally depends on the players that enter each year but traditionally the teams would fit into the “D” level of most men’s hockey leagues. While a few players have played rep hockey ‘in their day’, this is essentially a HOUSE LEAGUE for men.
Q: Are team entries permitted?
A: NO. We only accept individual entries. This allows the directors to make necessary moves to ensure balanced competition.
Q: Can I request to play with someone?
A: Yes, on the application form there is a space to include the name of one player you’d like to play with. These requests can almost always be accommodated if submitted early enough.
Q: What are the age requirements?
A: As listed above, but it is very important to note that there is no upper age limit in any division. We have MANY players in their 50’s playing in the 27+ division!
Q: Are officials provided?
A: Yes, two referees with adult hockey experience, a timekeeper, and a convener are at every game.
Q: Are uniforms provided?
A: YES. Sweater and matching socks are provided.
Q: Is this contact or non-contact hockey?
A: Non-contact and strictly enforced. We believe we are less tolerant of nuisance players and teams than most leagues because our players expect it.
Q: Are slapshots permitted?
A: NO. We believe that this encourages more playmaking and involves everyone more in the play.
Q: What nights are the games?
A: As listed above.
Q: What time are the games?
A: Games usually begin at 7:30/8:30/9:30 pm, and on Sunday mornings between 8:30 am and 11:30 am.
Q: How many games are played?
A: The winter league plays a 21 game season, the summer league an 18-game season.
Q: How long are the games?
A: Two periods. First period 20 minutes, second period 25 minutes with a flood before each game. The last 30 seconds of the first period and last 3 minutes of the second period are stopped time.

Still have questions?

We are very happy to answer them!

Email us at hmhl99@gmail.com or call us at (905) 849-9712

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